Statistical Morality Results of Supreme Court (1962) Prayer Ban

Five statistical graphs posted below, shockingly reveal the damaging impact on America’s morality as a direct result of the Supreme Court prayer ban in 1962.  The graphs are presented as supportive facts to Conservative Strategy forWinning in 2012, which is downloadable at no cost from this site.  See right hand column for the instructions to download.

The following paragraph, excerpted  from Conservative Strategy for Winning in  2012 is the reason for posting the statistical graphs.  Scroll all the way down to see the graphs.

.“After prayer was booted from public schools by a liberal Supreme Court prayer ban — morality, civility, ethics, and common sense steadily declined — while crime swiftly increased. Crime has now soared to out-of-control levels. Across America, secularly seeded pockets of apostasy make haste to gobble up restraining forces of Christianity. Because a vacuum must be filled, Americans are now besieged by false religions. Of all religions now in America, only Christianity is being attacked and restricted by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). All of this is because a secular court ruling (1962) drove ancient truths from halls of learning.”  (p. 7, Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012)

The document explains — among many politically related topics — why the Supreme Court banned prayer and scripture in public schools.  The graphs tell what happened to America’s morality as a result.

Only the oldest generation of today’s living Americans completed their public schooling when God was still welcome and revered in public classrooms. If you have access to grandparents, great-aunts, great-uncles, neighbors, etc. of that generation, ask them now how swiftly the secular world moved in on the stability of law abiding Americans after public school prayer was banned. Ask them to explain why those of all religions except Christianity may pray in public schools.

When this oldest generation is gone, there will be no living person to tell you what life was like when 90% of Americans lived their lives by the Judeo-Christian Bible.  Don’t wait too long. The very person to answer your questions may no longer be around at some point in the future if you delay asking.  One thing is certain, many of that older generation are patriots of the TEA Party movement.  Much concerned  re: the anti-godly minority in America that is stepping up the pace of redirecting America from her founding roots, the old guard has risen up with back bone and resistance.  Stand with them, or someday, stand alone.

The statistical graphs  show how morality began plummeting when prayer was banned in public classrooms.  The graphs (from years 1951-1993) were compiled by David Barton of Wall Builders from government and educational statistics.

At request, the five graphs were sent  to by a staff member at David Barton’s Wall Builders website.   Click here

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