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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two or three times a week is planned for this page to provide links to significant website columns.  Each will be introduced by a few reflective  blogadoon comments. 

Four links appear today,  bringing information on:

*   next week’s political convention in Tampa.  

*   the Newsweek magazine cover showing Obama’s picture with author’s accompanying  words: “Hit the Road, Barack:  Why We Need A New President”.  Esteemed British historian Niall Ferguson has broken the liberal media’s silence in his expose on Obama.

 response from to the Newsweek expose  – just cited – that tells  Obama he’s  “gotta go”.  (Wonder of all wonders!)

*  a column that tells of Obama’s rising “troubles in River City”. 

These four links are evidence that truth surfaces, sooner or later.  Those of us endeavoring to do right plod on, buoyed along by the Christian traits of grace and patience;  well do we know that both truth and justice can take far longer than we would wish for.  Behold, now, our time has come!

The Republican National Convention in Tampa has been carefully planned for  the very important task of sweeping away 78 straight years of liberals  trampling upon that which America holds dear.  Now, get ready!  The common sense of conservatism is chomping at the bit for a BIG return to life in America.

For Mitt Romney, don’t expect a Greek Temple in a football stadium.  He has NO need for theatrics.  Wise decisions have been made in organizing the Tampa convention of which it is said, ‘will be like none other’. 

A collectively, conservative/Christian mind of convention planners obviously, gets the credit.  Common sense, appears primed to return soon!  Romney, Ryan, and Republicans have four big evenings for providing contrast to the failed policies, principals, and presidency of the Democrat Party.  Now, that WE know THEY CAN’T, honesty is headed for central stage in America!

(Democrats and the liberal media – after years of  untruths slung at Mitt Romney and his church – have failed to stop him.  That their attacks on Romney have always been greater than on any of the other Republican presidential candidates, and that they started on his church even before he declared his ’08 candidacy is evidential that it is Romney they feared and,  still fear as the Republican presidential nominee.) recognizes as brilliant, Romney’s choice of Senator Paul Ryan for VP.  Together, they are a formidable team – the successful businessman/former governor and the man who was already studying the monetary process of government expenditures when he was still in high school.   NO doubt they present to Democrats ….. exactly what Democrats did not want.

For anyone opposed to Romney, here is a sobering note:  When  America gets a chance to see Romney at the NRC, blogadoon believes America is going to love Romney!  As they say, “every dog has its day.”  Some get eaten, some taken for a ride atop a car.  But, Romney will be seen at the NCR by millions of Americans who will see him differently then the opposition has purposely portrayed him.

Click here to read: Romney’s Mormonism to Be Center Stage in Tampa, posted at, Monday, August 20, 2012 03:43 PM . 


A very, very, very liberal magazine slams Obama.  Huhhhh?  Shazam!

Click here to see a picture of the Newsweek Magazine cover which shows Obama with these words, Hit the Road, Barack: Why We Need A New President”.  Esteemed British historian Niall Ferguson, in his expose, tells Obama, ‘it is time to go and to leave turning the country around’ to Romney/Ryan. 

Click here to read Ronald Kessler’s response  to liberal Newsweek Magazine’s recognition of Obama’s failure as president.  Kessler’s column, Newsweek’s Obama Slam Could Be Turning Point, was posted at – Monday, 20 Aug 2012 09:52 AM.  Again, Shazam!


Have we ever before seen such a presidentially clueless run for a 2nd term?  President Johnson (in an era when common sense ruled)  had the common sense to see he could not get re-elected, and pulled out in March of ’64 – in time for Democrats to find a replacement candidate. 

Obama, however, barges on …… like a bull in a china shop.

Click here to read Internal Strife Enervates Obama Campaign, posted at on Monday, 20 Aug 2012 10:34 AM.

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