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Concern over the direction our country is taking has been the motivating force behind researching and writing an explosive political document for troubled American patriots.

The documented culmination of my research is, “Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012”. Although worth its weight in gold — for the conservative heart yearning for justice — it is now available as a FREE download in my EStore.   Inside you will get these two powerful political tools for leveling the presidential playing field:

  • A chart that vividly shows which party has been the controlling force in Washington, DC since 1933 (not what Democrats want known).
  • An explosive 10 page document with little-known political and historical information plus insightful commentary and inspiration.

Both of these components can be a real asset not only for personal edification, but also to inform the public on essential facts that have been censored by the liberally-biased mainstream media.  Imagine attending a small gathering where some of your liberal-leaning associates are expounding on how conservatives are to blame for various issues.  With your insight gained from this document, you may not only correct them, but cite additional information as well!  For examples, consider the following:

On page 2, read about the easy to understand color coded features of the chart. In a flash, can be seen which political party has had power on tap when they needed it.  Clearly listed for each two year term are the numbers of Senators and Representatives held by the two parties.  You will be able to tell just who has been hiding behind a smokescreen of public misperception.  Because the numbers on the chart do not lie, they will clear the air with truth.

On page 2 is explained the underlying cause of  Barack Obama’s “transformative” motivation.

On page 3, read how one party’s “dyed in the wool” habit of “pulling the wool over the eyes” of the public, has allowed an insidiuous dismantling of the institutions, traditions, work ethic, values and morals that made America great and good, and has brought her to an alarming state of near demise.

Page 4, reveals  what government and labor unions have been working together to accomplish for decades, and how it affects the rest of us.  On this same page, you will learn the name of a politician who sagaciously saw, several decades ago, that future politicians would try to divide our country into two specific groups, each at odds with the other.

On page 5, see why the TEA Party is a phenomenon only to liberals.   Know what defines the TEA Party Movement.  You will learn who has been attracted to the TEA Party Movement, what their goals are, and why they are here to stay.

On page 6 you can read why several of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal Programs were overturned by the Supreme Court.  See how many of our country’s woes originated in a former president’s rejection of a wise warning of our  first president, George Washington.  Gain insight in how certain changes made within the Supreme Court in decades past, have not created the legacy that one political party has always touted.

Of many individuals I’ve asked this question, “How many Supreme Court Justices did FDR appoint”?  Only one has responded correctly.  The answer will astonish you — page 6.

To learn how to rescue our country and many more essential truths about the last 78 years of politics emanating from Washington, DC, please download, “Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012” — and in the months remaining until the election — send, and keep sending others to this website.

This is not a time to be in the dark; nor a time for lackadaisical and apathetic political attitudes:

It is a time  to do or die !

It is a time to be vigilant and alert!  Long, have liberal Democrats relied on a dishonorable “October surprise” for “sealing the deal” at the eleventh hour of political elections.  It is my aim that this document, “A Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012” will be a Libertarian and Conservative surprise!

However, instead of attempting to confuse, deceive, distract or scare the electorate with a last minute October surprise, I am starting early with an honorable effort that I pray will educate and give a new powerful purpose — “a new birth of freedom” — to the voting public.  To paraphrase the Bible in John 8:32: “Then (we) will know the truth, and the truth will set (us) free”.

I believe “Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012” is a God given, powerful political tool for attracting voters to the conservative founding principals of the Republican Party.  By downloading your copy, you are helping to prime the spiritual pump of taking America back to her original roots. By faith, and by our love for America, we can go forth to conquer, for rightfully ours is a conservative landslide in 2012.

I do hope — and would be gratified — to have you join me, however you can, “to pull America from the ominous clutches of totalitarianism, economic and social ruin, and impending dictatorship” (p. 7).

At the forefront of your mind, keep this — from p. 9:  “If it be God’s will, the challenges ahead are winnable.  Goals are obtainable.  Our goals are: to win in 2012, to restore God to hearts and minds, and to reclaim and restore America to her previous greatness.  If it be God’s will, we will”!

To give you an idea of the chart’s power to astonish, here is a brief conversation I recently had with a Staples employee to whom I had shown the chart.  “This chart”— said I —”shows which party has dominated politics for most of the last 78 years”.  After a studious look at the  chart, the employee’s incredulous response was:  “I thought the power had been evenly balanced”.

This response was from an employee too young to remember politics before the Gingrich Revolution (1994).  (The bulk of this younger generation voted for Obama).  I asked, “If you had always voted for Democrats — after seeing this chart — would you continue to vote for Democrats?”  The answer was, “NO!”

It takes one glimpse at the chart to see the light and to recall how often Democrats insist America’s woes are Republican caused, and how the Democrat blame and accusation game always intensifies as elections draw  near.  Look at the chart, however, and ask yourself: “But, when?  In what years did Republicans pass the legislation that allowed all the woes we face today?”    Can you imagine the response of a Democrat who has just blamed Republicans when you whip out the chart and ask: “When?”

The facts backed chart is indisputable.  To fling a truth right back at liberal lies, blows them right out of the water.  Download now to be prepared, and go forth to conquer!  Let this be our battle cry:  Restore America Now!


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