Judge Roy Moore Under Democrat Attack


A terrible travesty is now under way by Democrats who covet the conservative senate seat vacated by AG Jeff Sessions. In September, Democrats and some liberal Republicans failed to prevent conservative Judge Roy Moore from easily winning a special primary run-off in Alabama, where Judge Moore is highly regarded for his strong stand on Christian values.  This is becoming old hat to the Democrats as a way to rid the field of Republicans they see as trouble.

Remember Herman Cain, who Democrats drove out of the 2012 Republican presidential campaign by false sexual charges? Cain, a decent, articulate man, was considered a real threat to Obama. However, as ever, Democrats play the  game of different standards, with never a thought of how unfair it is; and they are at it again! This time, aiming for the safe conservative  Alabama Senate seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Remember Bill Clinton and his sexual tryst with Monica Lewinsky, with irrefutable evidence left on her blue dress? Bill Clinton did not even have to quit the White House after profaning the Oval Office. The Democrat Senate made sure he continued to serve as a disgustingly repulsive example for our nation’s children! Remember Hillary’s well timed accusation of Donald Trump the day before the second 2016 debate? She considered his words of decades ago to be far worse than her husband’s words and sexual hi jinks with a young woman HALF HIS AGE …… and dozens of women before her.

So, re: their dire need for Judge Moore to be history, Democrats hatched up a sex scandal, supposedly to have taken place 30 years ago. Various women have come forth claiming he dated them when they were in high school. Several said he kissed them, one claims he took her clothes off and touched her inappropriately. Apparently, that’s all! Conservative reports of the women’s stories debunked are being covered up but they are out there. I’ve read them, and seriously question them.  As Shakespeare said in, “Hamlet”, “There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark!”

Liberal reporters have had a hay day, so far, reporting what half a dozen women or more have said in their alleged accusations of Judge Moore.  But, no mention of the rape word.  Just kissing.  As for the accusations of the fourteen year old, what makes sense is he did keep an eye on her when she came with her mother to the Court House and her mother had to take care of a matter.

Things are so different, now. Back then, men respected a girl when she said, “no”. Being as men will always be men, I think it quite possible that Judge Moore was looking for a girl who would say, “OK”. From all the allegations, so far, it appears that all said, “no”. That was the typical dating situation back then. To all said by those women so far, and to us old enough to remember how it was back then, this story is DEAD!

Liberal reporters had a cow over the fact that Judge Moore was 32 at the time. Bill Clinton was 30 years OLDER than Monica, and he left circumstantial evidence on Monica’s blue dress, all the while professing his innocence on Television, until the lab results came in. Democrats rallied around him, and refused to impeach him, even celebrated with him, afterwards on his beating the rap. I watched it on TV. It was sickening!

Democrats wanting that conservative seat real bad have aligned with Republican Senate Majority Leader Senator McConnell and House Leader, Ryan, both of whom have so angered Republicans as to having seriously jeopardized keeping their seats in the next election.  They want to be able to run again.

What was it Michelle Obama said? “When Republicans go low, we go high.” I’m about as sick as can be of heathen Democrats getting by with crap and blaming and slandering us for what they do and have long done, that true Christians don’t and wouldn’t do. I don’t remember THEM EVER GOING HIGH. They think of no one but themselves. They are selfish, inconsiderate, crazy to rule, deceitful, can’t bear to share political power, can’t be trusted with our nation’s welfare, cheat, lie, break the law, stack everything their way. In short, they have NO honor! Long, have they been stealing political positions, elections, other people’s money in all kinds of ways, and over the years, have stolen many joys from our lives

They forced God from public schools; forced the Ten Commandments reminding us to be moral, from the public square. They constantly demean and besmirch us for being Christians. Jesus called us the salt of the earth, because we preserve the way of life that best offers opportunity for success in life, contentment, peace and harmony. They’ve pretty near controlled the last 84 years, and have destroyed our once wonderful way of living.

We tolerated Obama and his treasonous activities for eight long years, knowing from the start what he was and what he was all about. But, look at the hate pouring from them for a solid year upon Trump and his administration, and now, for Judge Moore, who is far more decent than most politicians. I’ve had it! Why should we let them be called liberals and progressives and socialists, when they very clearly are heathens (ignorant of the Bible, of God’s law, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the teachings of Jesus, who said to love one another and forgive).

They have caused tremendous havoc this past week, and undue grief for the Moore family.We can hope that God will deal swiftly with all involved in this low-life attempt to slander and keep Judge Moore from being seated in January.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Whatever it is these heathens accuse our side of doing is exactly what they have long been doing all along. By this vile attack upon Judge Roy Moore, the Washington swamp just took on more.

of a stench!