Guns Get A Bad Rap Because God Was Banished from Public Discourse

The woman newscaster in this Fox News segment of the 26 murdered in a Texas church, yesterday morning, said, “people are asking where was God?” I can tell her this, ‘God most definitely was NOT with the shooter,” now dead, who was a self-proclaimed atheist. For five decades our godless schools have sent hordes of heathens (ignorant of what the Judeo-Christian Bible teaches) into society. We are increasingly seeing tragic results, and worse is coming.

When us of the oldest generation were going to school in the nineteen-fifties, we didn’t go to school with guns in our hands because we had God in our hearts. HOW MUCH LONGER IS THIS CHRISTIAN NATION GOING TO ALLOW WHAT IS STILL AN ATHEIST MINORITY, INSIST THAT GOD DOES NOT COUNT? The quoted comments start at 7:16:

Heathen politicians accuse Christians of being racists and deplorable. But these are the characteristics of the heathen ideology that is causing the murder of American innocents  who are just going quietly about their lives being decent citizens.

If anyone is to be blamed for these horrible deaths and the ones to come, it is the heathen politicians, judges and lawyers who are choking the good from America by demeaning Christianity.   Perhaps, it is now time for citizens to get involved and to bring back the old fashioned citizen’s punishment of tar and feathers and riding the depots out of town on a rail. In other words, those accessible in the areas in which they live or visit. They have had decades of doing whatever they please, while a corrupt government continues to wink at their demonic activities that hurt decent Americans. Let the citizens remove that comfort zone of security which anti-Americans, way too long  have used to transform America  from her moral base to their liking.