Salt of the Earth Returning Soon

Donald Trump calls Ryan pick ‘courageous’.  I call it ‘brilliant’- and closely akin to the colonial mind that gave us our first and greatest president, George Washington.

In Governor Mitt Romney and Senator Paul Ryan, we have leadership of the finest quality. Both candidates stand firmly on the scriptural foundation that made America great and good. Were Jesus alive today he would say these two candidates were from the “salt of the earth”. And, of course, we all know that it is salt that gives the flavor that enhances our senses.

Sorry to say, the liberal mind is short on ‘salt’, which is the preservative of both food and common sense. For that Democrats can cast blame upon Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for it was the highly popular and liberal Roosevelt who swept Democrats into the 78 years of strong-armed American politics, now destroying our country.

Roosevelt broke an unwritten rule to grab third and fourth elected terms as president – American’s undoing.  He died a few months after his 4th inaugural.  Twelve years  as chief White House resident gave Roosevelt time enough to entrench Democrats on the sordid road of liberal/secular/progressive/socialist/Obama style politics.

Too long void of essential ‘salt’, liberal politics now smell to high heaven!

But, fear not! Romney, Ryan and supporters – all wearing white hats – are galloping in for the rescue of what we love about America. They know that the most important trait in candidates is ‘salt’ to keep them honest and focused on what is best for citizens and for legal immigrants, and for all that ails America.

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Please forward this site to your conservative conglomerate and to anyone else discerned as capable of appreciating it.  Lastly, envision a conservative landslide in November.  After 78 straight years of increasingly suffocating liberal politics, the time is right!