My Response to What Rush Said

On his radio show this past Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh said:

“The Democrats believe that the Constitution is outdated and out of touch with today’s needs…”  

Actually, it is Democrats who are outdated – by their antipathy to Almighty God that is the very source of our founder’s inspiration in creating the US Constitution.

Because liberals chafe at having to obey spiritual law they seek to make sinners of all. This is not honorable nor acceptable to those raised to obey universal spiritual law of creator God.

But, it is the nature of the secular mind to shrink from the very law of God that puts order into the universe. It is a mind beholdened to worldly pursuits from which arise all the evil that torments human kind. It is the political mind, not the good shepherd’s mind.  It has increasingly prevailed in America for 78 years.  It is a mind empowered by Franklin Roosevelt’s twelve years and several months as president (1933-1945).

Because the 1933 conservative Supreme Court rescinded some of his New Deal agenda, Roosevelt began replacing retiring conservative justices with those of secular mind. Not one justice retired during his first term. But, he had time enough to flip the court to liberal.  By Roosevelt’s second term the Supreme Court had been conservative for all of its 145 years.  Just 19 years later (1962), Roosevelt’s liberal court booted prayer from public classrooms.

With prayer no longer allowed in public schools, and politicians firmly and liberally controlling  Congress for decades, secular educators were free to mold the child’s mind away from spiritual teachings.  This ended the freedom of predominantly conservative  teachers  to cultivate morality in the classroom by teaching success life principles of Judeo-Christian law that made children responsible citizens of our unique society.

What worked well for  240 years – American children  scripturally taught to discipline themselves and to fit into polite society –  was brought to an abrupt end  by the secular mind, with on-going, seriously  disastrous, ever worsening consequences.   The decline of American schools under liberal rule was noticeable within five years.

Now proceeding through public schools is a third generation of American children being denied the  scriptural wisdom that built and made America a beacon to the world.   Today’s secular teachings – bearing the obvious stamp of anti-Christian Obama – are excessively, aggressively, ominously, and openly liberal.

Franklin Roosevelt prepared the way, and now a mind that is  foreign and adverse to the ways of America intrudes upon and tramples our everyday living.  Gas prices purposely increase with resultant rising of other costs of living.  Our Constitution is savaged; the stock market is criminally manipulated; wealth is stolen from Americans along with opportunity for creating wealth; simple joys of living vanish, etc., etc., etc.

Forgive me for visualizing corks popping in the White House at our distress.

Liberals have owned the turf since 1933.  They’ve own the Supreme Court since 1940, and owned congress 56 out of the last 78 years.  Never did a Democrat president have a Republican Congress in those years until Bill Clinton.  Liberals are – no holds barred -zealous and protective, sometimes maniacally so, of their turf.  They have no desire to share what was founded and settled by Christians.  There is no honor in the endless stream of tricks that they rely upon to hold and keep that turf.

Alas for America!  Since 1962, the Supreme Court and Democrat Congress, by ruling and legislating immoral law, have readied America to fall like a ripe plum into the liberal camp, and ObamaCare is the long awaited, long lusted-for liberal tool to fell that plum. Yes! We are now there, on the brink!

What could foil so scurrilous a liberal intent to end our remaining freedoms?  What, but a Supreme Court overturning Obamacare?  I suspect our celebration would equal that of secularists on that far away summer day in 1962 when prayer from schools was banned.

The liberal coup d’état is in place, ready to make life “beautiful” for liberals and even more hellish for conservatives.  Although on the edge, near  enough to be toppled, we can be thankful that Obama was unable to control and conceal his antipathy for America and that he pushed too hard, too fast.

We can be thankful that the public finally woke up!

We can be thankful  for  the shakey liberal foundation from  which liberal, ObamaCare attorneys, this week,  tenuously argued before the Supreme Court – live by the lie, die by the lie – and flubbed!  Yes, flubbed beyond our wildest expectations!

The Court has just this minute wrapped up a third and final day.

It was amazing to see liberal attorneys groping for words amidst obvious discomfort that called to the conservative mind a phrase from centuries past:  “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”.  Alexander Pope, English poet, 1688-1744

Most of all, we will be thankful for the saving grace of our Supreme Court in allowing God’s will to finally prevail….. and if five fail to prevail?  Then God help us  stay the course and to steady our ruined ship to our best abilities and to our deepest faith, and to bring her home – still afloat.  We who have absorbed His Word and live our lives by it know how to acquit ourselves in a manner foreign to liberals.

Re: my words a few paragraphs up, I can’t imagine corks will be popping in the White House tonight.  As I’ve oft-said in past years when posting on Human Events,  “the spiritual world observes silently and acts accordingly.”  This week’s liberal attorneys pleading ObamaCare  before the Court is a perfect example.  God’s time is not our time, but oh, how we wish it were.  We patiently wait sometimes for years, even decades, sometimes beyond our lives for truth and justice.   This one took just …….. well, how many years has Obama been leading even liberals to rack and ruin?

As we wait for the Court’s ruling on ObamaCare, what better to have on our minds than President Reagan’s memorably, endearing words: “It’s morning again in America”.  Such a morning can be delivered by the Supreme Court.  We will have to wait until June.


antipathy – strong or deep-rooted dislike; aversion

To see statistics on schools declining after the prayer ban, click on Morality Statistics tab below picture, above.