Words of John Adams Point our Way in Today’s World

John Adams said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”.  Trouble is, the moral and religious people have too long tolerated a secular mind that has long disagreed with Adams.  Time to tolerate has run out.  When the end of the rope is reached is when our beseiged mental forces group and take action (TEA Party Movement – April 15, 2009).  We, who by our religious training have been taught to be tolerant can NO longer be tolerant.  It is time, now, to create ripples in the collectively secular mind.

To become aware of how conservatives can slice right through liberal gobbledygook and gain insight into the liberal mind, please download “Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012“.  Then, on page eight, read the first and third paragraphs on religion and morality.  Read these two paragraphs every morning and every night before drifting off to sleep – to sink valuable meaning into the subconscious where it can and will “move mountains” –  if our faith and obedience are as they should be.  (Matthew 17:20)  (In the steadfast sinking of truths into the subconscious, such truths will connect with the awesome power God holds in reserve for right minded individuals).

From insight comes our ability to effectively respond to the smoke screen liberals have long hidden behind while making their off the wall statements designed to keep us moving where we don’t want to go.  ENOUGH! …. said I.  For concerned conservatives, I’ve written and made available what Democrats don’t want known.

Be among the first in discussing “Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012” with your family members and friends.    Download, now, to start understanding and combatting liberal gobbledygook.

Put your mental forces not, on Obama’s raising obscene amounts of money he thinks will again buy him the White House.  Put your mental forces at work on developing insight that comes from knowing and acting upon truth.  Obama’s wrong track words and actions will take care of Obama.  We can’t afford to involve ourselves in the Lord’s work, except to tell Him what we want, then get out of the way so He can freely work. That’s because God’s realm observes silently and acts accordingly; and if we are honorable in our thoughts, our words, and our actions, the Almighty will bring us justice.