In a telephone conversation yesterday with my computer tech, we acknowledged our admiration for Tim Tebow, and how exceptionally well he has withstood criticism from those who don’t understand the Christian faith.

My tech friend was swamped with computer jobs throughout December and into January.  I have been – since the end of November – chomping at the bit for my 16 months work on Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012 to be at last made available here, especially so, as I’ve continued to hear more and more of my topics being discussed, especially on Fox News.

Last week, my technician finally had time for me, and Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012 is now here on where it can be downloaded for a small cost.  This morning, I sent him the following, right after catching several early news talk shows.  I trust he will not mind my sharing it here.  The quotes in the rest of this are because I’m quoting myself:

“On Fox Red Eye, this morning, two talking points were “perception” and “cultural warfare”. Can you believe it? Things are swiftly changing as the actuality of our country’s politics continue to become obvious.”

“It appears this is going to be an entirely different presidential campaign. The ball has moved to our court, and conservatives are primed and ready – Tim Tebow, us, and millions! The secular world is banking on its usual mode of hokum and massive amounts of money to sway the populace, while failing to see the immense shift in conservative thinking that had occured by April 2009.”

“For that we can thank Obama for believing all he needed to do was to get elected; that as president he could openly play around like a dictator and not be stopped. But, he can be! God – through us – can stop Obama. Inadvertently, Obama has created in us an alert awareness – a heightened realization that democracy could die! Conservatives have learned, the hard way, that Jesus was right. There is a time and place to get angry. We’ve reached the point of knowing the money changers must be thrown from our temple. God, now has our attention. Now, through us – HE can move. Does that not mark now as “count down time”?”

“The looming election has propelled us into collective conservative thought that this is our do or die year. If the current White House resident is re-elected, he will not charge out of the gate next day after the Inauguration, like a galloping horse. This time he will roar out as a relentless lion – famished and salivating to make a quick meal of liberty and all that was good in our “shining city on the hill”.”

“In every election of my experience, faith has always backed our hope. But this year is different. Hope is backed by do or die: we get the word out, the vote out, the truth out or democracy will die. At the same time, ever present in my mind is the feeling that either we win in November, or Messiah comes first. Just imagine the jubliant feeling of rising to meet Him and to be reunited with our loved ones! Either way – we win.”

In my mind is being considered two possible conservative ways to win.  First, is a conservative landslide to allow our President and Congress to begin remaking America better than ever; and to end decades of secular war upon Christians.

Second, is Rapture by Messiah – my choice of the two.  Should the Rapture happen, the secular world will have what it, for 2000 years, has wanted and worked toward — a world without the Christian faith.

Gone, will be the Christian force that kept the law for the people. With no law, who is to protect non-Muslims? With no law, jihadists will be free to pursue non-Muslims. Can you imagine an ACLU devotee running for his life from a scimitar wielding jihadist right behind him shouting, “bow to Allah five times a day or off with your head!”?”

“I’m not saying Messiah will come this year. Many times is prophesied throughout the Judeo-Christian Bible, that He will return to take those devoted to Him to a safe, far better place. This, when the collective human thought on earth has reached a self-destructive to all phase; now made possible through nuclear power and rogue minds opposed to the Judeo-Christian God.”

“I believe Messiah’s return for HIS church will be the whistle blown for the Seven Year Terrible Tribulation Time to begin. I’m not saying HE will come this year. I’m just paying attention to the world wide stage that is being set for HIS return – as we daily watch the fast moving acts! I’m just saying what seems to be coming, and that by all of it our expectancy has been heightened.

Albeit, and ironically, this stage is being hastened by the secular mind, which scorns Biblical scripture while at the same time believes the world was created by a “big bang”! And why not? Obviously, they have not adequately examined the evidence found in the Judeo-Christian Bible, nor learned any lessons from it.  Nor do we breathe down their necks to change as they do ours.”