Judge Roy Moore Under Democrat Attack


A terrible travesty is now under way by Democrats who covet the conservative senate seat vacated by AG Jeff Sessions. In September, Democrats and some liberal Republicans failed to prevent conservative Judge Roy Moore from easily winning a special primary run-off in Alabama, where Judge Moore is highly regarded for his strong stand on Christian values.  This is becoming old hat to the Democrats as a way to rid the field of Republicans they see as trouble.

Remember Herman Cain, who Democrats drove out of the 2012 Republican presidential campaign by false sexual charges? Cain, a decent, articulate man, was considered a real threat to Obama. However, as ever, Democrats play the  game of different standards, with never a thought of how unfair it is; and they are at it again! This time, aiming for the safe conservative  Alabama Senate seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Remember Bill Clinton and his sexual tryst with Monica Lewinsky, with irrefutable evidence left on her blue dress? Bill Clinton did not even have to quit the White House after profaning the Oval Office. The Democrat Senate made sure he continued to serve as a disgustingly repulsive example for our nation’s children! Remember Hillary’s well timed accusation of Donald Trump the day before the second 2016 debate? She considered his words of decades ago to be far worse than her husband’s words and sexual hi jinks with a young woman HALF HIS AGE …… and dozens of women before her.

So, re: their dire need for Judge Moore to be history, Democrats hatched up a sex scandal, supposedly to have taken place 30 years ago. Various women have come forth claiming he dated them when they were in high school. Several said he kissed them, one claims he took her clothes off and touched her inappropriately. Apparently, that’s all! Conservative reports of the women’s stories debunked are being covered up but they are out there. I’ve read them, and seriously question them.  As Shakespeare said in, “Hamlet”, “There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark!”

Liberal reporters have had a hay day, so far, reporting what half a dozen women or more have said in their alleged accusations of Judge Moore.  But, no mention of the rape word.  Just kissing.  As for the accusations of the fourteen year old, what makes sense is he did keep an eye on her when she came with her mother to the Court House and her mother had to take care of a matter.

Things are so different, now. Back then, men respected a girl when she said, “no”. Being as men will always be men, I think it quite possible that Judge Moore was looking for a girl who would say, “OK”. From all the allegations, so far, it appears that all said, “no”. That was the typical dating situation back then. To all said by those women so far, and to us old enough to remember how it was back then, this story is DEAD!

Liberal reporters had a cow over the fact that Judge Moore was 32 at the time. Bill Clinton was 30 years OLDER than Monica, and he left circumstantial evidence on Monica’s blue dress, all the while professing his innocence on Television, until the lab results came in. Democrats rallied around him, and refused to impeach him, even celebrated with him, afterwards on his beating the rap. I watched it on TV. It was sickening!

Democrats wanting that conservative seat real bad have aligned with Republican Senate Majority Leader Senator McConnell and House Leader, Ryan, both of whom have so angered Republicans as to having seriously jeopardized keeping their seats in the next election.  They want to be able to run again.

What was it Michelle Obama said? “When Republicans go low, we go high.” I’m about as sick as can be of heathen Democrats getting by with crap and blaming and slandering us for what they do and have long done, that true Christians don’t and wouldn’t do. I don’t remember THEM EVER GOING HIGH. They think of no one but themselves. They are selfish, inconsiderate, crazy to rule, deceitful, can’t bear to share political power, can’t be trusted with our nation’s welfare, cheat, lie, break the law, stack everything their way. In short, they have NO honor! Long, have they been stealing political positions, elections, other people’s money in all kinds of ways, and over the years, have stolen many joys from our lives

They forced God from public schools; forced the Ten Commandments reminding us to be moral, from the public square. They constantly demean and besmirch us for being Christians. Jesus called us the salt of the earth, because we preserve the way of life that best offers opportunity for success in life, contentment, peace and harmony. They’ve pretty near controlled the last 84 years, and have destroyed our once wonderful way of living.

We tolerated Obama and his treasonous activities for eight long years, knowing from the start what he was and what he was all about. But, look at the hate pouring from them for a solid year upon Trump and his administration, and now, for Judge Moore, who is far more decent than most politicians. I’ve had it! Why should we let them be called liberals and progressives and socialists, when they very clearly are heathens (ignorant of the Bible, of God’s law, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the teachings of Jesus, who said to love one another and forgive).

They have caused tremendous havoc this past week, and undue grief for the Moore family.We can hope that God will deal swiftly with all involved in this low-life attempt to slander and keep Judge Moore from being seated in January.

I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Whatever it is these heathens accuse our side of doing is exactly what they have long been doing all along. By this vile attack upon Judge Roy Moore, the Washington swamp just took on more.

of a stench!

Guns Get A Bad Rap Because God Was Banished from Public Discourse

The woman newscaster in this Fox News segment of the 26 murdered in a Texas church, yesterday morning, said, “people are asking where was God?” I can tell her this, ‘God most definitely was NOT with the shooter,” now dead, who was a self-proclaimed atheist. For five decades our godless schools have sent hordes of heathens (ignorant of what the Judeo-Christian Bible teaches) into society. We are increasingly seeing tragic results, and worse is coming.

When us of the oldest generation were going to school in the nineteen-fifties, we didn’t go to school with guns in our hands because we had God in our hearts. HOW MUCH LONGER IS THIS CHRISTIAN NATION GOING TO ALLOW WHAT IS STILL AN ATHEIST MINORITY, INSIST THAT GOD DOES NOT COUNT? The quoted comments start at 7:16:



Heathen politicians accuse Christians of being racists and deplorable. But these are the characteristics of the heathen ideology that is causing the murder of American innocents  who are just going quietly about their lives being decent citizens.

If anyone is to be blamed for these horrible deaths and the ones to come, it is the heathen politicians, judges and lawyers who are choking the good from America by demeaning Christianity.   Perhaps, it is now time for citizens to get involved and to bring back the old fashioned citizen’s punishment of tar and feathers and riding the depots out of town on a rail. In other words, those accessible in the areas in which they live or visit. They have had decades of doing whatever they please, while a corrupt government continues to wink at their demonic activities that hurt decent Americans. Let the citizens remove that comfort zone of security which anti-Americans, way too long  have used to transform America  from her moral base to their liking.



Salt of the Earth Returning Soon

Donald Trump calls Ryan pick ‘courageous’.  I call it ‘brilliant’- and closely akin to the colonial mind that gave us our first and greatest president, George Washington.

In Governor Mitt Romney and Senator Paul Ryan, we have leadership of the finest quality. Both candidates stand firmly on the scriptural foundation that made America great and good. Were Jesus alive today he would say these two candidates were from the “salt of the earth”. And, of course, we all know that it is salt that gives the flavor that enhances our senses.

Sorry to say, the liberal mind is short on ‘salt’, which is the preservative of both food and common sense. For that Democrats can cast blame upon Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for it was the highly popular and liberal Roosevelt who swept Democrats into the 78 years of strong-armed American politics, now destroying our country.

Roosevelt broke an unwritten rule to grab third and fourth elected terms as president – American’s undoing.  He died a few months after his 4th inaugural.  Twelve years  as chief White House resident gave Roosevelt time enough to entrench Democrats on the sordid road of liberal/secular/progressive/socialist/Obama style politics.

Too long void of essential ‘salt’, liberal politics now smell to high heaven!

But, fear not! Romney, Ryan and supporters – all wearing white hats – are galloping in for the rescue of what we love about America. They know that the most important trait in candidates is ‘salt’ to keep them honest and focused on what is best for citizens and for legal immigrants, and for all that ails America.

Download –at no cost from my store (this site) – my 10 page political document that contains what Democrats don’t want known: Political Strategy for Winning in 2012. My document destroys the smoke screen behind which Democrats hide to fool the gullible.

Included is an invaluable 78-year political chart to quickly reveal the increasingly heavy handed influence of Democrats since 1933. Click on store, click on thumbnail picture in top left hand corner – requires Adobe to open.  (The screen of a smaller monitor, combined with larger than normal print may show no apparent change.  Don’t dispair – just scroll down.)

Please forward this site to your conservative conglomerate and to anyone else discerned as capable of appreciating it.  Lastly, envision a conservative landslide in November.  After 78 straight years of increasingly suffocating liberal politics, the time is right!


No Cost Download

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My Response to What Rush Said

On his radio show this past Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh said:

“The Democrats believe that the Constitution is outdated and out of touch with today’s needs…”  

Actually, it is Democrats who are outdated – by their antipathy to Almighty God that is the very source of our founder’s inspiration in creating the US Constitution.

Because liberals chafe at having to obey spiritual law they seek to make sinners of all. This is not honorable nor acceptable to those raised to obey universal spiritual law of creator God.

But, it is the nature of the secular mind to shrink from the very law of God that puts order into the universe. It is a mind beholdened to worldly pursuits from which arise all the evil that torments human kind. It is the political mind, not the good shepherd’s mind.  It has increasingly prevailed in America for 78 years.  It is a mind empowered by Franklin Roosevelt’s twelve years and several months as president (1933-1945).

Because the 1933 conservative Supreme Court rescinded some of his New Deal agenda, Roosevelt began replacing retiring conservative justices with those of secular mind. Not one justice retired during his first term. But, he had time enough to flip the court to liberal.  By Roosevelt’s second term the Supreme Court had been conservative for all of its 145 years.  Just 19 years later (1962), Roosevelt’s liberal court booted prayer from public classrooms.

With prayer no longer allowed in public schools, and politicians firmly and liberally controlling  Congress for decades, secular educators were free to mold the child’s mind away from spiritual teachings.  This ended the freedom of predominantly conservative  teachers  to cultivate morality in the classroom by teaching success life principles of Judeo-Christian law that made children responsible citizens of our unique society.

What worked well for  240 years – American children  scripturally taught to discipline themselves and to fit into polite society –  was brought to an abrupt end  by the secular mind, with on-going, seriously  disastrous, ever worsening consequences.   The decline of American schools under liberal rule was noticeable within five years.

Now proceeding through public schools is a third generation of American children being denied the  scriptural wisdom that built and made America a beacon to the world.   Today’s secular teachings – bearing the obvious stamp of anti-Christian Obama – are excessively, aggressively, ominously, and openly liberal.

Franklin Roosevelt prepared the way, and now a mind that is  foreign and adverse to the ways of America intrudes upon and tramples our everyday living.  Gas prices purposely increase with resultant rising of other costs of living.  Our Constitution is savaged; the stock market is criminally manipulated; wealth is stolen from Americans along with opportunity for creating wealth; simple joys of living vanish, etc., etc., etc.

Forgive me for visualizing corks popping in the White House at our distress.

Liberals have owned the turf since 1933.  They’ve own the Supreme Court since 1940, and owned congress 56 out of the last 78 years.  Never did a Democrat president have a Republican Congress in those years until Bill Clinton.  Liberals are – no holds barred -zealous and protective, sometimes maniacally so, of their turf.  They have no desire to share what was founded and settled by Christians.  There is no honor in the endless stream of tricks that they rely upon to hold and keep that turf.

Alas for America!  Since 1962, the Supreme Court and Democrat Congress, by ruling and legislating immoral law, have readied America to fall like a ripe plum into the liberal camp, and ObamaCare is the long awaited, long lusted-for liberal tool to fell that plum. Yes! We are now there, on the brink!

What could foil so scurrilous a liberal intent to end our remaining freedoms?  What, but a Supreme Court overturning Obamacare?  I suspect our celebration would equal that of secularists on that far away summer day in 1962 when prayer from schools was banned.

The liberal coup d’état is in place, ready to make life “beautiful” for liberals and even more hellish for conservatives.  Although on the edge, near  enough to be toppled, we can be thankful that Obama was unable to control and conceal his antipathy for America and that he pushed too hard, too fast.

We can be thankful that the public finally woke up!

We can be thankful  for  the shakey liberal foundation from  which liberal, ObamaCare attorneys, this week,  tenuously argued before the Supreme Court – live by the lie, die by the lie – and flubbed!  Yes, flubbed beyond our wildest expectations!

The Court has just this minute wrapped up a third and final day.

It was amazing to see liberal attorneys groping for words amidst obvious discomfort that called to the conservative mind a phrase from centuries past:  “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”.  Alexander Pope, English poet, 1688-1744

Most of all, we will be thankful for the saving grace of our Supreme Court in allowing God’s will to finally prevail….. and if five fail to prevail?  Then God help us  stay the course and to steady our ruined ship to our best abilities and to our deepest faith, and to bring her home – still afloat.  We who have absorbed His Word and live our lives by it know how to acquit ourselves in a manner foreign to liberals.

Re: my words a few paragraphs up, I can’t imagine corks will be popping in the White House tonight.  As I’ve oft-said in past years when posting on Human Events,  “the spiritual world observes silently and acts accordingly.”  This week’s liberal attorneys pleading ObamaCare  before the Court is a perfect example.  God’s time is not our time, but oh, how we wish it were.  We patiently wait sometimes for years, even decades, sometimes beyond our lives for truth and justice.   This one took just …….. well, how many years has Obama been leading even liberals to rack and ruin?

As we wait for the Court’s ruling on ObamaCare, what better to have on our minds than President Reagan’s memorably, endearing words: “It’s morning again in America”.  Such a morning can be delivered by the Supreme Court.  We will have to wait until June.


antipathy – strong or deep-rooted dislike; aversion

To see statistics on schools declining after the prayer ban, click on Morality Statistics tab below picture, above.



Words of John Adams Point our Way in Today’s World

John Adams said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”.  Trouble is, the moral and religious people have too long tolerated a secular mind that has long disagreed with Adams.  Time to tolerate has run out.  When the end of the rope is reached is when our beseiged mental forces group and take action (TEA Party Movement – April 15, 2009).  We, who by our religious training have been taught to be tolerant can NO longer be tolerant.  It is time, now, to create ripples in the collectively secular mind.

To become aware of how conservatives can slice right through liberal gobbledygook and gain insight into the liberal mind, please download “Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012“.  Then, on page eight, read the first and third paragraphs on religion and morality.  Read these two paragraphs every morning and every night before drifting off to sleep – to sink valuable meaning into the subconscious where it can and will “move mountains” –  if our faith and obedience are as they should be.  (Matthew 17:20)  (In the steadfast sinking of truths into the subconscious, such truths will connect with the awesome power God holds in reserve for right minded individuals).

From insight comes our ability to effectively respond to the smoke screen liberals have long hidden behind while making their off the wall statements designed to keep us moving where we don’t want to go.  ENOUGH! …. said I.  For concerned conservatives, I’ve written and made available what Democrats don’t want known.

Be among the first in discussing “Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012” with your family members and friends.    Download, now, to start understanding and combatting liberal gobbledygook.

Put your mental forces not, on Obama’s raising obscene amounts of money he thinks will again buy him the White House.  Put your mental forces at work on developing insight that comes from knowing and acting upon truth.  Obama’s wrong track words and actions will take care of Obama.  We can’t afford to involve ourselves in the Lord’s work, except to tell Him what we want, then get out of the way so He can freely work. That’s because God’s realm observes silently and acts accordingly; and if we are honorable in our thoughts, our words, and our actions, the Almighty will bring us justice.


In a telephone conversation yesterday with my computer tech, we acknowledged our admiration for Tim Tebow, and how exceptionally well he has withstood criticism from those who don’t understand the Christian faith.

My tech friend was swamped with computer jobs throughout December and into January.  I have been – since the end of November – chomping at the bit for my 16 months work on Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012 to be at last made available here, especially so, as I’ve continued to hear more and more of my topics being discussed, especially on Fox News.

Last week, my technician finally had time for me, and Conservative Strategy for Winning in 2012 is now here on blogadoon.com where it can be downloaded for a small cost.  This morning, I sent him the following, right after catching several early news talk shows.  I trust he will not mind my sharing it here.  The quotes in the rest of this are because I’m quoting myself:

“On Fox Red Eye, this morning, two talking points were “perception” and “cultural warfare”. Can you believe it? Things are swiftly changing as the actuality of our country’s politics continue to become obvious.”

“It appears this is going to be an entirely different presidential campaign. The ball has moved to our court, and conservatives are primed and ready – Tim Tebow, us, and millions! The secular world is banking on its usual mode of hokum and massive amounts of money to sway the populace, while failing to see the immense shift in conservative thinking that had occured by April 2009.”

“For that we can thank Obama for believing all he needed to do was to get elected; that as president he could openly play around like a dictator and not be stopped. But, he can be! God – through us – can stop Obama. Inadvertently, Obama has created in us an alert awareness – a heightened realization that democracy could die! Conservatives have learned, the hard way, that Jesus was right. There is a time and place to get angry. We’ve reached the point of knowing the money changers must be thrown from our temple. God, now has our attention. Now, through us – HE can move. Does that not mark now as “count down time”?”

“The looming election has propelled us into collective conservative thought that this is our do or die year. If the current White House resident is re-elected, he will not charge out of the gate next day after the Inauguration, like a galloping horse. This time he will roar out as a relentless lion – famished and salivating to make a quick meal of liberty and all that was good in our “shining city on the hill”.”

“In every election of my experience, faith has always backed our hope. But this year is different. Hope is backed by do or die: we get the word out, the vote out, the truth out or democracy will die. At the same time, ever present in my mind is the feeling that either we win in November, or Messiah comes first. Just imagine the jubliant feeling of rising to meet Him and to be reunited with our loved ones! Either way – we win.”

In my mind is being considered two possible conservative ways to win.  First, is a conservative landslide to allow our President and Congress to begin remaking America better than ever; and to end decades of secular war upon Christians.

Second, is Rapture by Messiah – my choice of the two.  Should the Rapture happen, the secular world will have what it, for 2000 years, has wanted and worked toward — a world without the Christian faith.

Gone, will be the Christian force that kept the law for the people. With no law, who is to protect non-Muslims? With no law, jihadists will be free to pursue non-Muslims. Can you imagine an ACLU devotee running for his life from a scimitar wielding jihadist right behind him shouting, “bow to Allah five times a day or off with your head!”?”

“I’m not saying Messiah will come this year. Many times is prophesied throughout the Judeo-Christian Bible, that He will return to take those devoted to Him to a safe, far better place. This, when the collective human thought on earth has reached a self-destructive to all phase; now made possible through nuclear power and rogue minds opposed to the Judeo-Christian God.”

“I believe Messiah’s return for HIS church will be the whistle blown for the Seven Year Terrible Tribulation Time to begin. I’m not saying HE will come this year. I’m just paying attention to the world wide stage that is being set for HIS return – as we daily watch the fast moving acts! I’m just saying what seems to be coming, and that by all of it our expectancy has been heightened.

Albeit, and ironically, this stage is being hastened by the secular mind, which scorns Biblical scripture while at the same time believes the world was created by a “big bang”! And why not? Obviously, they have not adequately examined the evidence found in the Judeo-Christian Bible, nor learned any lessons from it.  Nor do we breathe down their necks to change as they do ours.”


“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” – A Movie Great

On TV news stations, yesterday – New Year’s Day – the political focus was on this week’s coming Iowa caucuses. On Turner Classic Movie channel was one of the many wonderful films from 1939 – the year noted for its many movie greats.  I first learned of this movie from my high school history teacher when we were studying the workings of Congress, back in the nineteen-fifties.

I’ve seen the beginning of this movie several times, but never managed to see it in entirety until yesterday. Never got as far as seeing how corrupt Congress was (this movie was filmed during FDR’s presidency) or how willingly the media spread the lies that covered up the corruption. Perhaps, the movie was inspired by the public’s growing weariness of Roosevelt’s seven year New Deal program.

Hmmmm! It’s still the same, thought I. Still relevant today is the corruption in Congress from secular, long held seats. Still relevant is the liberal (secular) media’s complicity in “shading” political news.

Jimmy Stewart portrays the country bumpkin who is appointed to a Senate seat. With his idealistic views, he takes on Capitol Hill corruption, is put through the Congressional meat grinder, conducts his own filibuster, and in a conservative heart warming ending – emerges victorious. (Jean Arthur, Claude Rains and Edward Arnold also star in this Frank Capra film).

At today’s particular political moment, and with the movies’ up close workings of Congress, blogadoon.com highly recommends, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. Don’t expect the same recommendation from either Democrats or the liberal media.

Do notice in the movie how Senate rules ensure that just one Senator’s words can be heard on the Senate floor. Corrupt politicians walked out in a protest that took the entire body with them, leaving Mr. Smith looking at an empty chamber. A little known Senate rule forced all to return to their seats. By Senate rules, was thwarted attempts of corrupt politicians to silence one man’s determination to expose their fraudulent legislation.

Of course, it helps to know the Senate rules. The movie makes one wonder: how many of our Senators are adequately knowledgeable of Senate rules by the time they are sworn in? Shouldn’t such knowledge be a prerequisite of those who run for Congressional seats?

“The following additional words on aforementioned 1930′s political corruption in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”, can be found at answers.com:

” Coming at a time when the American public was growing weary (and wary) of the New Deal, then in its seventh year, it may have caught the public’s mood just right. The world was indeed becoming a darker place — as the movie acknowledges by the presence of representatives of various European dictatorships in the Senate gallery as Smith’s struggle on the Senate floor continues. The movie was so potent in its time that it cemented the image of James Stewart, then a good working dramatic actor who’d portrayed a range of roles, into the quintessential good-natured hero, the archetypal common man.”  click here