The Turin, Italy Shroud of Jesus – Is it Authentic?

A book I read about 40 years ago, written after the shroud of Turin, Italy was first brought to western minds, said that pollen found on the shroud was from plants grown only in the areas Jesus frequented and were not known as from any other area. The book is in my attic. I shall fetch it down to read again. Not long after that, the shroud was declared a fraud and it dropped from the news. I strongly felt, that atheist scientists had managed to get the last word on the shroud. For, after reading the book, I was convinced it was real. Then, long after, the shroud was retested, some recent year in the near past, and this time, new evidence found on it put it back in the authentic light. By this, I was surprised, and pleased that new testing of the shroud reconfirmed my original belief of it’s authenticity.
When the disciples queried Jesus when would he return, he said one of the signs would be great deception. The time has never been right for great deception until modern communication, in which thoughts “fly around the world in the twinkling of an eye”. The time, also, was not right until a Muslim was inaugurated as our president by home grown enemies of the Christian faith; a president, soon recognized as a compulsive liar, with the ability to zoom our country into the end times, which he did. This president, also, gave rise to a vile collective mind that has reached the near point of forcing the trump of God to be heard high on the air.
The masses do not recognize that Trump, as was that president, was, also, selected by God; but, for the reason of drawing the true Christian church together for the rapture. The combination of “great dception”, now occurring on a daily basis, along with the expectancy of a peace treaty to be soon announced, and all the things Jesus foretold to his disciples are, for the first time in history, current signs of his return. Remember His words, in the closing book of the Judeo-Christian Bible: “Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book” {Revelation 22:7}; “And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” {Rev. 22:12}; Surely I come quickly.” {Rev. 22:20} KJV
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Trump Disavows ‘Send Her Back Chant’ as GOP Frets Over Ugly Phrase

Leti Maisonet: Well, rash tlaib, called the President of The UNITED STATES of AMERICA a m***** f***** AND HAS NEVER SAID SHE’S SORRY.

Leti Maisonet A very good point! It is so one-sided. They take full advantage of our Christian nature which is not to retaliate and not to get down in the gutter with them. Our Christian nature to be patient and tolerant actually empowers them, same as God empowers those who keep open a close connection to Him. It is from five decades of bad influence by their political leaders and their efforts to destroy the power and knowledge of God that has made many on our side putty in their hands. We have too many of those in Congress.

If everyone on our side started the day with a prayer to God, upon awakening and took a few minutes to read a few verses from the Bible, at the end of the day, we could unleash the most potent power known to man. Conducting ourselves in a Christian manner is part of being a good citizen. But, we need the additional empowerment of keeping closely connected to and aligned with God, and to His word. Psalms 91 & 23 …. especially empowering and at ready recall, if memorized …… are two highly empowering Bible passages when faced by threatening or otherwise, unwanted heathen caused situations at any time. ©️ 2019 kaybriskey

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End Times Events Explains Bible Prophecy

The once strong Christian society of our youth has been …… true to end-time prophecy ….. greatly weakened. Jesus, himself, said so to John when he spoke of the last generation to be raised in the 6th church era of Philadelphia; the missionary church: “I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: …… for thou hast a little strength ……, and has kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” ~ Revelation 3:8

That is today’s Christian church, battered for 60 years by the NWO politicians, judges, lawyers, power brokers, hard core atheists, and many heathens (Bible ignorant) sent each spring by our godless schools into society.

Philadelphia was followed by the end-time church of apostasy: Laodicea. {Revelation 3:14-22} She came in like a flood as the 1970’s began ….. eight years after God, prayer and the Bible were banned in public schools. Today, many are trapped in Laodicea, and some of those belong in Philadelphia. Can that woman be saved? Possibly; around the globe, 24 hours around the clock, keyboards are manned by an army from Philadelphia, very much a part of the end-time winnowing. Indeed, we have still, “a little strength”. Our work is not quite done. I believe it will be when the last possible soul to be saved is saved. ©️ 2019 kaybriskey

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Trouble for California Teachers Is our Opportunity to Make Hay while the Sun is Hot!

An interesting conversation on a social site began when I posted the above video.

It is because the schools lose money for every student absent. In my day the principals supported the teachers, the tax money stayed within the state, and the local trustee controlled the schools ….. hired, fired, paid the teachers, maintained the condition of the school, etc. In larger towns and cities, schools were controlled by a politically elected superintendent.  We need a return to what worked.

Anthony R:   “Christians should not allow their children to attend public schools. What was once schools are now indoctrination centers. The NEA wants to turn your children into sodomites and transvestites. They teach a religion alright, the religion is humanism. The schools constantly revise texts book for the purpose of deceiving children, vilifying Christianity, white people, Jews, and anything to do with the God of the bible. California especially is dumbing down the students in math and writing, why do you think they do not teach children to write in cursive?”

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Watch Children Sing Jihadist Songs in Philly

Wasn’t it just last week we were reading that the imminent threat of diseases America stamped out last century  are now pouring across our borders?  Here is a disease far more deadly, capable of wiping the last Christian off the face of the earth.  Barack Obama was a very busy man in the White House, flying millions of Muslims into America after dark and loading them on huge trucks destined for certain cities in America.  We now have two Muslim women in the House of Representatives.  They have let us know that they hate America.  This video certainly gives insight into what’s coming, and requires our attention and action …… NOW!


So, what do WE the People do now?  One of my FaceBook friends wrote: “Get them out of the country?”  That would be a wise move, but, by whom? Congress? Slim chance with the current one. The Democrats are powerless to do good; and Republicans, seemingly  powerless at dealing with the Democrats. The House of Representatives are not even adequately dealing with three arrogant, obnoxious, anti-American women reps, newly elected, and now roiling and riling the entire House. Even worse, we now have alien recalcitrants working like moles in our own communities …….. training alien elementary school children in Muslim schools to murder the very people who have taken them in. THIS IS A DIRE CONCERN WE ALL SHARE, AND A RESPONSIBILITY WE CAN NOT SHIRK!

What can we do? We CAN and MUST get serious. Take a few minutes to make three calls to the U.S. Capitol Switchboard number: 1-202-224-3121. The operator will connect you with the office of each, your two senators and your district state representative. Let them know this video is, {1} being shared on FaceBook, {2} requires immediate Congressional investigation, and {3} you will be calling back to see what Congress is doing about it.

Start calling on Monday morning. Over the two weekend days share this with as many as you can. Envision the Congressional switchboard being flooded with our calls, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Otherwise, do nothing to prevent bombs carried by children, with potential to be soon exploding in our own neighborhoods. God be with us, blessing your every effort. Amen. ©️ 2019 kaybriskey

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Why the Settlements of Jamestown and Plymouth Almost Failed

From time to time, I respond, here, to one of my friends in private groups on the web.  Here is one of those, posted by Jerry Rowe.  My response shall follow.  Betwix the two of us is pertinent information not well known by most Americans.  It is a long read, but an important and worthwhile read to those wanting the facts re early English settlements in America in the 17th century ……  for purpose of getting more to the truth.  The following is from the post of Jerry Rowe:

“HISTORIC FAILURES (of socialism”…/VOA-Historic-Failures-%28of…

“Jamestown Colony, Virginia, was started in 1607, on the communist plan of public ownership. Under that system the colony passed through the “Starving Time.” It did not thrive until the lands were divided among the settlers. Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts, was founded in 1620, also on the communist plan. The colonists suffered as they did in Jamestown until Governor William Bradford, a wise and practical administrator, gave to each colonist a lot of land to till and to hold in severalty. Then the colony prospered. Under the public ownership plan, if we may credit the statement of Governor Bradford, the colonists would not work industriously. They “let George do it,” and there “were no bones in the boneyard.” After the lands were divided, practical individual ownership succeeded where theoretical comradeship and brotherhood had failed. “What is everybody’s business is nobody’s concern.””
“The Founders of the Republic were familiar with the history of Jamestown and of Plymouth. Is it not probable that a prescience of statesmanship enabled them to discern the basic reasons for the failure of communism when they framed our Constitution and defended private ownership.”
“At least fifty communist colonies have been attempted in America, and many in other parts of the world. Not one of them has survived. Communists all over the world came to admit that “Utopian Socialism,” as these failures are now called, can never be made to succeed. But they insisted that communism on a national scale could succeed, and that it would solve the economic problems of the ages.”
When Lenin and Trotsky seized the reins of government in Russia and established the “Soviet Union of Socialist Republics,” the event was hailed with delight by communists everywhere. Now, for the first time, communism was to be tried on a national scale! A tremendously large national scale! Now, at last, communism was to vindicate the claims of its disciples!”
“As starvation, desolation and despair settled upon Russia, and her industries refused to revive under communism its deluded followers proclaimed the doctrine that communism could only succeed on an international scale—that all the world must be “socialized.””
“They admit that they were mistaken when they thought “Utopian Socialism” could succeed, and that they were mistaken when they thought that national communism could succeed. They are equally mistaken in the belief that international communism can ever feed and clothe and house the world. The same reasons for the failure of communism on a small scale apply with multiplied force to communism on a world-wide scale. Enlarging the pest house does not cure the disease. It only exposes more people to its ravages. It were better far to keep it isolated in the already stricken country of Russia, where America and other unaffected countries can send relief.”
-GW Cartwright 1925, California 2 term Democrat State Senator.

No photo description available.

Jerry Rowe WOW! Thanks for providing some very good information. I’ve four additional points. The first two come from a marvelous book I acquired in the year it was written, 1977, by Peter Marshall (son of the beloved Senate Chaplain of the same name) and David Manuel, “The Light and the Glory”.  It is one of the books, I often reach for when on Facebook and other sites.

Point #1:  Of those adventuring to Jamestown, about 50% were from the land owning upper class of English “gentlemen”.  Their motive was greed for gold, etc., which as from Mexico and South American countries a century earlier, had made Spain a wealthy country. These English “gentlemen” were more interested in exploring than working; more interested in getting rich and getting back home, than helping to build and sustain a settlement. They certainly had no affinity or desire for the work of the common laborer of which those of  the other half of the Jamestown settlement were. The motivation of these common workers in coming to the new land was the heady thought of owning their own property. From the start, two different minds were at work, making the work of the lone pastor, Robert Hunt, most difficult.  Consequently, God did not look favorably upon Jamestown as He did upon Plymouth ….. once Governor Bradford assigned property to each family.  Of the two Jamestown groups, the least mindful of God were the, “gentlemen”.

Point #2:  In addition to what our founding fathers knew about the two early commune experiences, they also had the Mayflower Compact to go by.  It was towards the end of the Mayflower journey when a seemingly endless storm blew the ship nearly a hundred miles north of their original destination on the Hudson River, and to a place recognized by one of the ship’s pilots as Cape Cod.  By then, several of the Pilgrim leaders began wondering if God meant for them to land at the Cape, and after much prayer and discussion the ship dropped anchor at the Cape.  But, then a problem arose.  There had not been enough of the Scrooby, England group to fill all the beds on the ship, which is why “strangers” were also present.  When some of those strangers realized they would not be landing under the jurisdiction of the Virginia Company and would be under no one, “rebellion began to stir in the hearts of some of the strangers” {p. 119, ibid}. For that reason, the Mayflower Compact was written, before they left the ship.  It read:

“In the name of God, amen.  We whose names are under-written, the loyal subjects of our dread Sovereign Lord King James by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France, Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, etc. Having undertaken, for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith and honor of our King and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, do by these present solemnly and mutually in the presence of God and one of another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil body politic, for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid, and by virtue hereof to enact, constitute and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions and offices from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the colony.  Unto which we promise all submission and obedience.  In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape Cod, the 11th of November, in the year of the reign of our Sovereign King James of England…..Anno Domini 1620 {41 of the ship’s men signed the Mayflower Compact}.

Authors Marshall and Manuel, further wrote:  “Such ringing affirmations as: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal ….” would have to wait another century and a half, but here was their introduction onto America soil.”  “They drafted a compact, very much along the lines of their first {church} covenant back in Scrooby, {England}, before embarking for Holland, which embodied the same principles of equality and government by the consent of the governed which would become the cornerstones of American Democracy.  {Actually, this concept of equality could be traced directly back to the ancient Hebrew tradition of all men being equal in the sight of God.}  While the Pilgrims had no idea how significant this document was to be, it marked the first time in recorded history that free and equal men had voluntarily covenanted together to create their own new government.”  {p. 120, ibid} PLEASE NOTE:  *THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTIONING THAT OUR COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED UPON CHRISTIANITY.*  Anyone who says otherwise, is grossly IGNORANT of our country’s history.  This we need to fight for and make known across the entirety of America.

Point 3:  Heathens will NEVER admit socialism or communism does not work, else no one would go along with it.  They must be forever dishonest as they go about enslaving the entire world, for the purpose of murdering off most of the inhabitants {especially the Christians}, and returning the world back to the feudal society that our early American settlers fled, and to the pristine world of Adam and Eve …… for the small minority at the top of the heap to enjoy for themselves.  When the entire world is socialist, the Babylonian Religion will be a shoo-in.  What the New World Order heathens always wanted, they will for a short time have: the world all to themselves; freedom to worship as heathens and to live free of any reference to God.  Until God’s trump calls the Christian church from the world, Christians will continue to be murdered.  Not just by Muslims and aliens crossing the border, and home-grown heathens, but by the will of heathen politicians, abetted by heathen judges in high up places.  FIE!

On the night that Donald J. Trump won the election, God stalled the New World Order.  I believe it will remain stalled until God is ready to sound the, “last trump”, which, indeed, WILL be the “last trump” that the Christians will hear in this world.   In a twinkling of an eye, the restraining force will vanish from the earth.  The Anti-Christ will make himself known and the tribulation will begin.

Point 4:  One of the more well known of those 50 communist attempts in the United States was started at New Harmony, IN, mid-1820’s, by Robert Owen, who came from Scotland with intent of socializing America.  Within two years, his commune at New Harmony failed, although descendants of Owen and others who began New Harmony as a commune have lived there over the years.  After the initial failure of New Harmony as a commune, Owen and several friends set off for the east coast with three goals in mind: 1.  undermine pastors and Christians, subtly; 2. clamor for public schools; 3. get their people elected to local public offices. That was then.  Not them; not their children; not their grandchildren would live to see Barack Obama elected to the highest political position as leader of the America they set out to socialize.  It’s not over yet; “the fat lady is not going to sing”; but God’s trump is expected by many around the world to be heard soon.  That is based on how swiftly, the news is changing and bringing about the very end-time prophesied events still to come.

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Alien Voices Now Ringing Bells in the Once Hallowed Halls of Congress

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This woman, Rep Illhan Omar calls to mind two expressions from the past: getting too big for her britches and cruising for a bruising.

Now that she has gotten comfortable with how peaceful Christians are, while living in the security of a Muslim stronghold that made possible her ascent to Congress, she finds she has a lot of courage. But, where is her common sense and sense of gratitude? Comes now to mind, another expression from the past; live and let live. She is! Gaining speed, too, while hurtling herself into the tricky trade winds of the human mind that she knows so little of. What shall we do but pray that God be with us, inspire us, and guide our thoughts that right be done in the name of Yeshua, Amen.

Sheila O: unfortunately for her, Americans are a different breed of humans compared to Europeans.

Sheila, you are so right! She so wrong! A philosophical little critter from last century cartoon strips; lovable little opossum known as Pogo, identified an alien force within; “I have met the enemy and it is me.” Rep Omar and Obama, completely in the dark re; the true nature of the American patriot ….. shaped by the new freedom of their immigrating ancestors to study the true gospel, and forged by Revolutionary battles to preserve their newly gained freedom from the invading forces of the army of King George. Passed down to our generation. They continue to misinterpret our continuing restraint and our obedient Christian nature. They listen to their own minds. We listen to God, Almighty. Amen.

Wisdom comes from knowing the Word of God. All this Muslim Rep knows is the word of Mohammed and his man-made religion that has grown by violence, which is how they intend to wipe all other religions from the face of the earth. Mohammed was, first, a follower of Jesus, until one night when meditating in a cave, he received a vision that inspired the Koran, which he dictated to his wife who could write. In later years, Mohammed led an army galloping into small villages to behead any Mid-eastern Christians who would not revoke their faith and accept his religion, which resulted in a swift growth of the Muslim Religion.

Jesus had no need of such force. In the gospel, he brought light to the earth, to the minds of man. To his disciples he simply said, “follow me”. To two who were fishing, he said “come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men”. “And they left their nets and followed him”. Great was his appeal. His ministry was just three years. But Christianity took hold and began moving to new places, and eventually to America, the only country ever founded upon Christianity.

Now we have Muslims living amongst us with full intent of making America theirs, along with their wicked law of Sharia. Be sure to read the column above re: what Rep Omar said in her speech. It is a mixed conglomeration of their actual intent; of presenting themselves as downtrodden, abused and terrorized in America; and of false accusations, and other crafty and false statements. It largely covers the speech she made that is highly disingenuous and disrespectful to the country that took her in. One can only marvel at the hostility that she holds for America and Israel, and wonder how long she will be allowed to keep her Congressional seat.

Also, disturbing this week has been the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in France, the most historical church of all time.  Muslims are certainly suspect.  They did celebrate the burning, which is just the latest of many French churches recently attacked.

The difference between the French Revolution and ours, is ours was fought by a godly nation of many immigrant descendants of those who came for religious freedom. They balked at being ruled and taxed by England. The Christian religion, recognized in our Constitution, is what made America great and good in a relatively short period of time. However, the French Revolution was fomented by various reasons of discontent and in the process, the king was toppled, the very fabric of French society was destroyed, and religion put under the authority of the secular state of France.

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Alien Voices now Ringing in the Once Hallowed Halls of Congress

Three new women, newly elected, are now at work to advance the Muslim religion  and socialism in America …… from all places, the bully pulpit of the once hallowed halls of the U. S. Capitol.    One flaming socialist and two Muslim women Reps with surly attitudes are loving their power positions ……. and, alerting American patriots as they carry on their Congressional activity in full view of concerned Americans …… in a lackadaisical Congress that is teeming with attitudes that would disturb our founders.

Is this what will cause God’s trump to call the true Christian church to heaven, to wait out the seven years of tribulation? President Trump is playing an amazing and astonishing game of 4-D Master Chess ….. and I’m now believing …… for the very purpose of holding the Christian fort against the heathen enemy, until God is ready to ignite the Babylonian forces. It is not at all difficult for me to believe that soon, God’s trump will be heard high on the air, and  President Trump will lead the remnant of the Christian church from this world. Then, with the restraining force withdrawn from around the world, let the Antichrist step forward and the evil games begin!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see it coming …… just personal experience of the last eight decades, a thorough understanding of Bible prophecy, and paying close attention to the unfolding of end-time events prophesied thousands of years ago and recorded in the Judeo-Christian Bible. God be praised ….. Amen.

To quote one of Obama’s silly statements, these Muslim House Reps didn’t get there on their own. Someone else pulled the strings. All three of these women were recruited through casting calls by a group known as Democrats for Justice ….. an oxymoron for sure!  From thousands who responded, thirty-eight made it through the primaries; five were elected in November.  Two in areas dominated by Muslims, and and a third from an area dominated by socialist voters.  All three are aggressive with anti-America agendas. We, too, should be selecting candidates to best represent us.  We can only depend on strong minded Christians who stand squarely upon the word of God and face with uncommon courage, those who seek to destroy Christian America.  Instead, we leave to chance that our candidates will faithfully represent We the People, which is foolish and dangerous to our future security.  In 2020 we must do better by vetting our candidates.   We’ve had enough of heathen types who betray us in Congress!

Democrats used to be able to be subtle in being sneaky. Alas for them! Obama blew their cover in his impatience to transform our country to 3rd world status. His real problem was in under-estimating the American psyche. He promised the fools who believed him that he would do it in four years. But, the TEA Patriots rose overnight in a spontaneous country wide movement just three months after he was inaugurated. So, he had to run for a second term.  He hated the actual work of a President, but he loved the perks; loved to travel to foreign vacations of which there were many; loved the adulation; loved to campaign; and most of all, he loved dismantling America in a myriad of ways, including her military.

But, for Obama to have had any chance of winning a second term with Americans thoroughly riled against him, require muzzling the TEA Party organizations to halt the most powerful movement any president has ever had to face. This, he did by unleashing the IRS on the TEA Party organizations.  As they applied for Tax Exempt Status, they were harassed, threatened, made to fill out long and severely invasive forms, just them; no other groups.  They were also, further hectored by very long wait periods before hearing back from the IRS.

Additionally, he had to steal the country blind in scraping enough votes together. Once re-elected, he couldn’t even finish the job in a 2nd term, but did do horrendous damage to America; which is why he is now sneaking here and there, instead of retiring away from the public eye, like presidents have always done. His efforts now are to complete what he thought to do in four.  But, the man, just like Bill and Hillary Clinton, is devoid of honor. Futhermore, he didn’t get to the White House on his own. It took others and a legion of deceit and lies and bashing of Mitt Romney to get him there.


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Proverbs 6:17 – Hands that Shed Innocent Blood By Wayne Jackson

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….. they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”  ~ Acts 17:11 ~ {KJV} And, thus, the early Christians prospered in the word for three hundred years or so, until nabbed by the Catholic mind, and as the centuries passed, the word became perverted and the citizens were expected to buy their salvation; until a protesting priest and theology professor by name of Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church on October 31, 1517.

It was a holy date and all the country people around, gathered to celebrate; saw the Theses and so high was the excitement as to cause the Protestant Revolution started by Martin Luther. Within two-hundred years, migration began to the new land. Many yearned for freedom to break away from the Catholic church, and the first brave band of Pilgrims set sail in the Mayflower and landed on the shores of America in 1620. And Americans were free to worship, until 1962, when the Supreme Court (a bunch of non-believers) misinterpreted our Constitution, and began the first attack on free Americans. And, now, who among us can deny that God is plenty steamed and ready to end the diabolic mind, now rapidly subduing the globe? Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

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Small Pox, Tuberculosis Among Contagious Diseases Crossing the Border

In their last days as a party, Congressional Democrats are creating a horrible legacy for which they will be long remembered and NOT fondly!  Common sense, given over for the sake of saving their party by hordes of new alien voters, daily crossing the borders.  And if they are bringing in contagious diseases, either previously eradicated or controlled in America ……… to Democrats its just collateral damage.

This on top of Obama’s eight years of bringing the world much closer to nuclear destruction; and from the last election, a House stolen by socialist political inepts that now control this sorry loser party while scuttling the maniacal leadership of Nancy Pelosi.  All the sins of the Democrat Party control of America for the last eight decades have come home to roost.  The Democrat hen house is growing gloomier with each passing day. Meanwhile, President Trump appears ready to close the border gates, stalling all vehicle traffic until Mexico agrees to close the southern border.

I’ve said it before and more than once that God observes silently and acts accordingly.  He gave Democrats plenty of time to really whack things up, and just in time to coincide with the end-time schedule of God.  Come Lord Jesus!  Some of us earthlings are very ready.  My bag is all packed, including my gown of righteousness!  (In other words, my mind is in good order).

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