If Democrats Ever had an Opportunity to Get our Guns; it’s Not Now

If Democrats ever had an opportunity to get our guns ….. it’s not now. Lincoln said, “Let the people know the facts and the country will be saved.” His reference was to corruption covered by a dishonest press. Several hundred years before Lincoln …….. Shakespeare’s “Something is rotten in Denmark”, was a clear reference to corruption …

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Micah 4:9 Prophecy Fulfilled this Week? Rapture Soon!

https://youtu.be/mH9dbTB-xDQ?fbclid=IwAR0_B94sTpGnsoD6JiFEzIeI3g0XIlL4hJFgOViFZ2K8GGbZcFR6xAUW9as That’s right. Once, long ago, kings and a queen and a pope and the oldest living son of wealthy family’s inheriting all the land, was all the common people knew, along with their life work of drudgery and turmoil. That’s why our ancestors, long ago, fled the shores of Western Europe! But, alas! The …

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Trouble for California Teachers Is our Opportunity to Make Hay while the Sun is Hot!

An interesting conversation on a social site began when I posted the above video.It is because the schools lose money for every student absent. In my day the principals supported the teachers, the tax money stayed within the state, and the local trustee controlled the schools ….. hired, fired, paid the teachers, maintained the condition of the school, etc. In larger towns and cities, schools were controlled by a politically elected superintendent.  We need a return to what worked.Anthony R:   “Christians should not allow their children to attend public schools. What was once schools are now indoctrination centers. The NEA wants to turn your children into sodomites and transvestites. They teach a religion alright, the religion is humanism. The schools constantly revise texts book for the purpose of deceiving children, vilifying Christianity, white people, Jews, and anything to do with the God of the bible. California especially is dumbing down the students in math and writing, why do you think they do not teach children to write in cursive?”